CNC  for  the  DIY'er

For Britain's Men's Sheds

Kit Pricing

SheetCNC is for the home user who has big ideas but a small budget. To encourage as many makers as we can, we do try to keep the cost as low as possible. So the SheetCNC Mk3 kit costs just £3200 for the 8′ x 4′, and for the half-size 4′ x 4′ kit is £2700, including taxes. This includes all the stepper motors and drive mechanisms. It also includes all the documentation you’ll need to build, commission, and use SheetCNC.

Total Outlay

Before you get too excited by the ‘headline’ price of SheetCNC (or of any other CNC hardware you may also be researching) do take a moment to consider the additional items required to commission the machine, such as a spindle and a controller. The cost of the additional parts is in the order of £400. We do not supply this hardware because customers may already have their own or may prefer to use alternatives. The documentation describes where best to source the hardware and gives detailed instructions showing how to integrate it with SheetCNC. You can download the documentation direct from SheetCNC’s designer, here.
Your total outlay for a complete ready-to-go 8′ x 4′ CNC machine will therefore typically be around £3700.


Cost of delivery depends on your location. The kit is large and requires careful handling, so we either deliver on our own vehicle or we use one of a select few couriers. The cost of delivery can therefore be significant, depending on your location. Please contact us to discuss. We can’t delivery outside the UK – sorry.

Collection in person is welcome and can be arranged.


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