CNC  for  the  DIY'er

For Britain's Men's Sheds

How To Buy

We do not offer an online shop because we believe in making sure that our customers are buying what’s right for them. So there’s no click-and-buy option here. Before you buy we’d really like to discuss with you the kind of cutting you intend to do on your machine. We’ll evaluate your needs in comparison to the work that we – and our customers – are already doing on SheetCNC. If necessary, we’ll even run some trial jobs on a factory SheetCNC machine to see if the results are up to your expectations.

So, to find out more about buying a SheetCNC Mk3 kit please get in touch for a chat. There’s no obligation and we’re always happy to talk CNC.

Here at UK-DIYCNC we’re expert users of SheetCNC so we can answer most of your questions. There are more technical details of the machine on’s own website. And if you’d like to discuss technical aspects of SheetCNC in even more depth then please feel free to get in touch directly with SheetCNC’s designer.

We like to have only happy customers. So we won’t try to sell you a SheetCNC if it’s not going to perform the jobs that you have in mind. Indeed, we’ll always encourage you to come to the factory and try out some of your work for yourself on one of our SheetCNC machines. That way we can be sure that the machine will be up to your needs. There’s no charge for this service and no obligation whatsoever to buy – irrespective of how SheetCNC performs in your tests.

If – at the end of the evaluation process – you’re happy with what you see of SheetCNC then the buying process is very straightforward: we’ll simply agree a delivery date, take a deposit, and begin making your kit.


We usually produce SheetCNC Mk3 kits only to order. Lead time is typically less than a fortnight between placing the order and taking delivery.
But, depending on demand, we may have kits ready for immediate delivery or collection.
Do contact us to ask about options.

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