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For all technical FAQs related to the SheetCNC machine, please see’s own FAQs page.

The kit build manual which we provide has been authored by – the designers of the SheetCNC Mk3. Their build manual is so comprehensive and so clear that a complete CNC novice should be able to assemble the kit with little difficulty. As well as this superb build manual, also offer free downloads to guide the builder through the installation of the spindle, the power supply, and the controller to create a complete, ready-for-work CNC machine.

Is the kit easy to assemble? 

The assembly of the SheetCNC kit is quite straightforward and is well within the competence of a practical DIYer.
Do I have to shape or cut any parts myself to assemble SheetCNC? No, all SheetCNC’s parts are ready-made for bolt-together assembly.
How long does assembly take? A reasonably confident DIYer can assemble the SheetCNC kit in about a day – perhaps two – simply by following the step-by-step photographic instruction manual.

Will I need assistance, say to lift heavy parts, during assembly? 

Almost all of the build can be completed without assistance. However, the actual bed of the machine is large and awkward to manoeuvre. It can be moved solo by one person but it is much easier if an extra person is on hand for initial positioning.

What is not included in the kit? 

In common with most CNC kit suppliers, we ship our kit ‘bare’. Though unlike many, we do include the stepper motors. We still don’t include the control system or the spindle. The estimated cost of these parts is about £400, sourced from 3rd party suppliers.

What if I have trouble wiring the control system? 

Many DIYers will find the wiring of the control system a bit daunting. However,’s free documentation – which covers purchase and installation of the 3rd party components including the electronics – is exceedingly comprehensive. If you’ve any doubts, please download it and have a read through. And even if you do get stuck during the installation of the electronics, then it’s helpful to know that non-commercial kit builders can also contact SheetCNC’s designer direct  with any questions relating to the electronics and the controller. The designer is expert in the control systems used by a typical SheetCNC installation and he’ll be happy to give you a steer to get you going again.

Can I modify SheetCNC after I have built it? 

Of course. The machine bolts together, so just about any part can be replaced by a modified version. For example a typical mod is to make extended gantry sides in order to further increase the Z clearance. This allows even thicker materials to be cut or taller 3D models to be machined. The modified parts would, of course, be manufactured by you on your own SheetCNC.

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